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Fashion Bed



Our company was born in 1990, although the owners involved in this activity have been  breathing textiles since the 70s. The company has a network of collaborations in the historic textile district of ValGandino, in the province of Bergamo, with service companies and subcontractors, which represent a Made in Italy model, in terms of quality and handicraft production.


The Contract collection  is part of an ever-expanding project and,  thanks to technical-creative skills,  we are able to support our customers in special projects for the hospitality, nautical and hospital sectors.

The offer is enriched by the Stop Fire Line which includes exclusively fireproof items, certified in class 1 and MED for the naval sector.

Blankets and plaids  in various weights and in different qualities allow us to always find the most appropriate solutions  to  every request.

Some quality accessories complete the furniture choices and underline their style: upholstery, bedspreads, runners, decorative pillows, internal duvets in soft wadding and in different weights for all seasons, but also interiors for cushions and pillows in different sizes as well as a series of mattress covers.

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The Coccoy brand  it is the clearest expression of the mastery of these craftsmen who, despite the many difficulties of the market, manage to hold out and create unique and valuable items. All Coccoy products are made with the finest raw materials. Cashmere, Merino lambswool, alpaca are some of the fibers used to weave  blankets, throws and gift items of excellent quality.


blanket  certified fireproof plaid

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